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Home in between sessions and night-time fun. Get to see the family, eat a nice, big salad, rest and take in some exercise – Kurt and I played hoops.

Today I went to:
Care and feeding of your startup – it was a good session. Stalelife isn’t a startup, per se, but a lot of the ideas are the same things most normal businesses get into. I think its time to re-eval.

The marketing of no marketing – I regularly read Jeremiah’s blog, and he was a panelist. It was an interesting discussion, but I think Social Media is just one program a company should run. My favorite quote: Marketing is the price you pay for a shitty product.

We ate lunch at one of my favorite dives, Casino El Camino, before venturing back into the online world. In case you were wondering, this is what a session looks like. I caught this woman adding images to her blog entry. Most people (including me) “listen” to a session while working or blogging (or both). Especially when the panel under-delivers.


Close quarters at SXSW.

Our last panel, Managing a creative environment, was decent, but many of the ideas are commonplace and they never discussed what happens when someone you place in control (the theory is that everyone gets a chance) and they don’t know what they are doing.

Overall, I really enjoyed today. Feeling better than the first two.

And tonight we see Tokyo Police Club – they the ever evasive band last year (we just missed them about three times). FREE at Mohawk if you got the creds.

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