Cross post and self promotion

Kerry Hilton, the CEO of my agency, illustrated me in a meeting last year.

Kerry Hilton, the CEO of my agency, illustrated me in a meeting last year. is all about, well, me…my thoughts and interests and family and much more. At one point in my life I thought “blogs are so self centered, who would ever write one?” Then I started one (back in 06) when Stacey became pregnant with our twins. What better way to keep far-reaching family and friends up to speed?

Self publishing soon became important to me. I wrote about Da Bears, my love of Cyclocross, live music, food, being a dad and more.

After 390 posts, my blog has taken a back seat to self-publishing in 140 characters on Twitter and the occasional updates on Facebook and LinkedIn. And I’m not 100% sure where this thing will go, save for the family updates will continue as they are most important.

Plus, I may use this space to cross promote my professional side. Many of you know I’m the Interactive Director at HCB Health, an agency focused on the healthcare industry. Part of my regular initiatives are to write articles for our blog, Med Men, and other industry rags. Showing our prowess is important to new business, and I love to publish.

So, if it will make any difference to your work, please give my recent article a gander. It’s called Development Options for you iPad Presentations. It’s useful information for any person who’s heard “let’s build an app for that” in conversation.

And while you’re at it, why not click those social network links above and add me as a friend? It promises to be fun. Same with all the social networks listed on the Med Men blog (I direct those initiatives, too). Peace.

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